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Most Powerful Vashikaran Mantra for Love in Delhi

1. AUM HUM ( INSERT THE NAME OF THE PERSON HERE ) MAY VASHYAM KURU KURU SWAHA — Chant 21 rosary cycles and perform a Dashansh Homan after you are done chanting. This process will give very powerful Vashikaran powers.

You can use this Vashikaran mantra to control both sex easily. This Vashikaran mantra to get back lost love is a very powerful one.

2. AUM HRIM SAH — The mantra attains power if it is chanted for a minimum of one lac times – especially on the day of Holi or any Solar or Lunar eclipse.

Put some hair strands of the desired girl you wish to control before you and start chanting this Vashikaran mantra – 1 Lakh times to start seeing potentially powerful effects. This is an ideal mantra to make someone love you.

3. AUM NAMO KAT VIKAT GHOR RUPINI ( INSERT THE NAME OF THE PERSON HERE ) SAY VASHMANAY SWAHA — You should start to chant this Vashikaran mantra from Tuesday or Sunday for the best effects.

Before taking any food at the start of the day, chant this mantra 1108 times and get the food energized by touching the plate with your hands.

After you are done with the above Vashikaran ritual – consume the food by keeping a picture or the name of the girl you wish to attract in front of you. Sooner than ever the girl will fall madly in love with you and stay forever.

4. AUM KSHAN KSHAM KSHAH SAU HAH HAH SAH THAH THAH THAH THAH SWAHA — Japa this mantra 21000 times and make the food energized. Eat this food keeping your wish to control the desired person with his/her photo in your mind. He / She will soon be under your control and start obeying your commands.

5. AUM NAMO ADI RUPAYE ( INSERT THE NAME OF THE PERSON HERE ) AKARSHANAAM KURU KURU SWAHAA — Start this mantra by keeping the desired woman’s or man’s picture before you. Take some blood from your finger and write the name of the person on un-broken bhojpatra with the pen of Kaner.

After which, get the bhojpatra energized by the Vashikaran mantra 1108 times and dip it in pure honey for a minimum of 21 days to see the effects.

The person in question will be with you sooner than you expect. This is infact a Vashikaranmantra to get back lost love – Vashikaran mantra for love back.

6. Vashikaran Mantra To Bring Back Your Husband – (Tikka Vashikaran Mantra) – AUM KAAM MALINI TH TH SWAHAA — Mix pure Molasses with Pit of any fish and make the dish energized by chanting the above mantra for a minimum of 1108 times.

After you are done with the mantra – put a Tilak (from the ingredients ) on your forehead. You will notice your husband obeying you forever.

Finally here is a Ganesha Mantra for Siddhi – Aum Glam Glim Glum Gam Ganpataye Namah Sidhim Meh Dehee Budhim Parkashay Glum Glim Glam Aum Phat Swahaa.

I have tried to mention most of the powerful Vashikaran mantras available around in this article. Hope this will help people seeking free vashikaran mantras online.

If you have any question or suggestions regarding the most powerful Vashikaran mantra for love and the other Vashikaran mantras  which are mentioned here in this page, then you cantact us above mentioned Numbers.